The versatility of electronic voting I. Automated Government

The convenience, simplicity and transparency of electronic voting, has allowed its use transcend constitutional elections -president, mayors, governors, legislators-, and become an ally of union and institutions elections. Although the adoption is just becoming strong, there are important examples of how electoral automation simplifies and optimizes the practice of choice in all areas.

In some European and South American institutions, e-voting is gaining momentum for passing laws and electing directors. An interesting case of the opportunities provided by electronic voting took place in Spain, where the College of Architects of Valencia approved the incorporation of electronic voting in their elections. The new procedure is expected to run in elections to the Governing Board in May 2012, being the first step towards the renewal of the institution and the collective.

Another important example is the electronic support and voting processes of the legislature of Río Negro in Argentina. This system was designed, developed and installed by the state enterprise Alta Tecnología Sociedad del Estado (Altec S.E.), based in Bariloche at the request of the legislative authorities of Río Negro.

The equipment used a fingerprint reader or biometric identifier to capture the votes of the legislators, which was placed on their bench or seat. The fingerprint is reflected in three screens, and is displayed on the legislative floor, as proof of voting for or against the option that is also reflected, as well as during the debate and motions that may arise. Assistance, inputs and outputs of the enclosure will be controlled by biometric identification equipment.

Finally, also of Argentina, another institution of Government has seized on automation: the Supreme Court of Justice. They have implemented a circulation system and electronic voting records, which seeks to streamline procedures and advance towards the consolidation of digital files and collaborate with the conservation of the planet. The system works through a software that loads the case in which the ministers of the Supreme Court will be issued.


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