Mexico will explore the implementation of e-voting for overseas residents

The Federal District Electoral Institute (IEDF) of Mexico approved the possibility to explore two ways to allow the residents of the DF living abroad to vote for the election of president in 2012.

The options of electronic voting and the post will be studied, as the two voting ways from abroad, and the implementation will be subject to budget availability of the IEDF for the project.

With the postal ballot the voter receives via e-mail the documents to vote, then mark your ballot returns equal half the country of origin. The inclusion of witnesses is analyzed in order to confirm the identity of the voter.

In electronic voting, voters can vote with the help of a digital assistant, such as the electronic urn, or through any device that has Internet connection.

Mexican citizens living abroad who have a voting card to vote in the Federal District may register in the Integral Voting System for the Mexicans Abroad IFE, from October 1, 2011 to January 15, 2012.

Not only is the Mexican Federal District is studying the probability of giving facilities to overseas voters. Michoacán Electoral Institute (EMI), also works on strengthening the vote abroad, after a first exercise in 2007, they expect to concentrate more voters that those achieved in 2007, when Michoacan migrants chose the governor of the state of 2008-2012.

They will review the requirements and procedure of the vote to try to make it easier, without losing security and therefore guarantees. This will strengthen the Technical Unit of the vote abroad.

The parties have also insisted on strengthening the vote abroad. The PRD representative at the IFE, Camerino Marquez Madrid proposed to establish electronic voting abroad and take to America the registration of nationals residing there. He said that with this action, the migrant’s right to vote would be ensured.

“We have to solve the technical difficulties that IFE has in order to make the migrant vote a reality, because the postal voting is no longer an alternative. Furthermore, a comprehensive promotional campaign must be developed, because in 2006 only 5.5% of the over 10 million migrants in the American Union knew they could vote from there to elect the president of their country. ”

Given the various criticisms the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) has received, the organization has revamped its website. It ensures that users can quickly identify the key dates, requirements and procedures the Mexicans living abroad must meet in order to vote in the presidential elections scheduled for 2012.


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