In Jalisco, Mexico, continues the struggle for electronic voting

Electronic voting in the province of Jalisco, Mexico, gave a small but firm step on a still long path. The Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation (IEPC) in its struggle for the implementation of electronic voting machines, obtained the approval of automation of the reception of votes in districts 1 and 17 (Colotlán) and in the town of Gomez Farias. The extension covers 43 jurisdictions, representing 34% of the state.

The road to make the first automated electoral event began in October 2007, when the former institution’s president, José Luis Castellanos, raised the first proposal to the Mexican Congress and estimated an investment of $1,000-$2,500. By August of 2007, the injection of resources amounted to 17 million dollars, but a call for tender the electronic ballot opened, and the establishment of the Temporary Committee of Computer Science for the elections of 2012 was approved.

It was in last September 8, when the process of reviewing proposals from several companies that could be responsible for the development of electronic voting machines was carried out, but because none met the requirements, the call was declared void.

However, on October 1st the authorities decided to recall tenders for purchasing the equipment to be used in selected electoral districts, and to carry out a partial process of placing electronic voting machines in Jalisco.

The step taken by the Mexican state, involves the installation of 1,051 machines, but due to the existing uncertainties caused by the recent failure in the tender, the chairman of the General Council of the Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation, Jose Figueroa, said that the IEPC assured that “it is power of the President of the General Council to launch a call, because technically our system works, when we had the certainty of the Budget we approved the call, and it’s because of this, that we have the certainty that the provider complies the needs of the institute. “


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