A Doodle For Argentine Elections

Google created a doodle for Argentine elections that illustrates the manual for voting used in this country. Graphic: Google

Google has paid homage to the electoral activity in Argentina. A quick look at the doodle designed for this occasion exempts us from further comments made around the absence of technological evolution in the national elections this October 31st.

Besides validating certain provincial decisions for the implementation of electronic voting in local elections and allowing incipient experiences related with a single ballot, the national government of Argentina has not given a signal in terms of walking towards the path of replacing the old electoral system.

El Clarín, the local newspaper of that day has expressed that “electronic voting is taking baby steps in Argentina”. In the province of Buenos Aires, which represents 35% of the national constituency, this new voting system was put into practice in only 5 districts and only for foreigners. La Plata, Berisso, Pilar, Villa Gesell and Pinamar were chosen to innovate with electronic voting. 34,490 foreigners had the chance to vote through this new modality in the province of Buenos Aires.

In order to cast a vote (electronic vote), the voter receives an electronic card at the polling station. Once in the dark room, this card is to be dipped into a reader, which will allow you to select the candidates of your choice by way of a touch screen. Once selection is made, a voting receipt is printed and drops inside a sealed urn.

According to trainers, this new system makes voting and vote recount easy once poles are closed. It is important to remember that foreign citizens with an Argentine national ID can only vote for up to Provincial Governor, and are disabled to vote for president.

The continuity of Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner´s administration has the true capability to produce a technological change; we will follow her next steps closely.


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