Russia is rocked by allegations of electoral fraud

Source: El Nuevo diario

Surprisingly, one of the nations considered as a super power in the world, is in the middle of the XXI century, submerged in one of the loudest scandals of election fraud.  Russia, which held legislative elections last Sunday, is being subjected to the scorn of the world, because after the elections, allegations of irregularities and violations have been so numerous, it created a virtual map to reflect the extent of the crimes

With nearly all ballots counted, “United Russia”, the Kremlin’s party, won 49.3% of the votes, and although the loss of the absolute majority in parliament should have been the news that caught everyone’s attention, reports of massive street protests and arrests allowed to see that not only the ruling party is in trouble, but the electoral system is being lambasted by citizens, political parties, international observers and personalities from different countries.

“The country’s leaders must recognize that there were many fakes and traps and that the results do not reflect the will of the voters”, the statement of a recognized leader such as Mikhail Gorbachov and his request to “nullify the election results and hold a new vote” show the obstacles that Russia is going through.

Protests and arrests were recorded during three days in Russia for alleged fraud

The map of fraud indicates that at least 10% of the votes were falsified, it was even released a letter that would have sent Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to former president Vladimir Putin, informing him that 80 % of the military voted in favor of “United Russia”, reflecting that the military vote is not secret.

The map of fraud also reveals the allegedly committed crimes in the installation of polling stations, excluding voters, absentee voting, distortion of the results with fraudulent counting, coercive, attacks on websites of the media and much more keeping alert to the country and the world.

The events and their social consequences as yet unknown, makes us think, why if Russia since 2010 has the legal basis for implementing electronic voting and prevent the vices of manual vote tarnish the credibility of a country, because elections crossed of fraudulent do- insists on staying back and not update their electoral system?

It’s time for complaints and concerns for the Asian-European nation, the expectation is that out of the protest rises the will of the political class to transform the electoral model, for one that brings together the confidence of citizens and politicians. Electronic voting was the chosen path over a year ago; the only thing left is for this decision to be respected.


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