Electoral Technology Seeks to Conquer Youths

Political activism is usually led by people with experience in electoral issues, whether it is because they have voted on other occasions, they sympathize with a particular political organization, or they are genuinely interested in having some influence over those who make decisions in a country.

Groups participating in electoral processes have people of all ages among their lines, but particularly the youngest have been hard to recruit into the democratic cause, and therefore, in the digital era, technology could be used as a powerful magnet.

The way technology can be employed best lies in the fact that those who are younger have become the main consumers of electronic devices of all kinds. Besides, they spend a large amount of time online, demanding technological applications to carry forward any process. The electoral system does not escape this trend.

Thus, the use of electronic voting can become a nations’ ally to attract youths to the ballot boxes, as simplifying suffrage can act as an incentive to vote. It is particularly true that the dynamism of automation, the simplicity of the process, the meticulous and fast results, and the added value of it being an eco-friendly system (as it does not need tons of paper), make the most advanced electoral system the ideal platform to invite the youngest citizens to participate.

recent study states that one out of four people in the world use voting machines to choose their representatives and governors. The penetration of electronic voting is not by chance, but the consequence of technological advance in all areas. If we trust that the money in our bank accounts can be transferred through technological operations, why can’t we trust our vote to be cast through automated processes?

The truth is that the implementation of electronic voting has been legally approved in many countries, but it has been delayed due to a few doubts and some more political interests. However, conquering the younger population in order for them to participate in the democratic dynamics could even prove to be an incentive for those with the power of decision to advance into modernity.

The youths are there, deeply submerged in the digital world. Now it’s only a matter of governments deciding to come closer and provide technology that increases electoral participation, for manual voting cannot beat the guarantees of electronic voting.


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