Automation Process in Mexico Threatened

In Latin America, some countries have advanced progressively in the automation of suffrage, reaching the point of extending it to the whole electorate. Brazil and Venezuela are the best examples. They have reinforced their technologies in order to guarantee fair elections through the use of e-voting. However, other countries like Mexico have seen their efforts hindered by inadequate processes.

Since Brazil and Mexico are two great Latin American powers in constant technological development and with continuous alternative proposals to improve the quality of their services to their great populations, Mexico’s lag in terms of electronic voting is quite notable when compared to Brazil.

Even though the Aztec nation has held many simulations and case studies, a recently questionable bid process has left Mexico under the risk of delaying the advancement of the automation process, which was supposed to begin in Jalisco.

After the first simulated test-runs, the electronic ballots did not perform at their best. The situation was so critical that Deputy Ana Bertha Guzmán Alatorre, president of the Commission for Electoral Affairs, made it clear that if no improvement was reported, the use of these ballots would be avoided altogether. In that case, paper ballots would be used, and this would represent a significant step back. In her opinion, the remaining simulations must render a 100% performance for the ballots.

Five voting simulations have been planned in Jalisco. Source:

The deputy insisted that the remaining simulations should facilitate the identification of potential problems. She considers that the Electoral Institute has the obligation of avoiding the use of electronic ballots if flaws are discovered at some point of the process.

The third e-voting simulation held by the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEPC) will take place next May 6. According to the Electoral Advisor, Nauhcatzin Bravo Aguilar, It will be key to make a decision on the viability of holding electronic elections in Jalisco, in the town of Gómez Farías and the districts 1 and 17, centered in Tequila and Jopotepec.

After the third e-voting drill, two more have been scheduled by the IEPC for May 27 and June 17.

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