Series: SAI I. Next-generation biometric innovation for the Venezuelan elections

The next presidential elections in Venezuela will feature a new biometric system in order to automate the process of voter’s identity verification, and at the same time, to allow the activation of the voting session in the machine.

The National Electoral Council presented it as the SAI (Spanish acronym for Integrated Authentication System). This new device designed by Smartmatic replaces the traditional manual electoral book, offering the possibility of verifying the elector’s identity through the employment of an existing modern and safe biometric identification.

The president of the Venezuelan Electoral Council presented the SAI. Source:

During Election Day, once the voter puts their ID number and fingerprint on the device, the identity verification process takes place, checking the electoral registry’s database in order to activate the voting session in the machine so that the voter can exert their right to suffrage.

Among the many benefits offered by SAI, one that is worth highlighting is the fact that thanks to its implementation, the principle of one voter = one vote is guaranteed, completely eliminating the possibility of identity theft. SAI shields the identification process, guaranteeing its maximum security and accuracy.

Another important advantage that comes with the implementation of SAI is the fact that it allows the status of those who have already voted to be monitored in order to avoid double voting. Its advanced technology includes the possibility of generating statistics of registered voters, electors who have already voted, and lists of electors who have not voted yet, among others.

SAI activates the experience of voting on the Smartmatic machine.

Some of the technical specifications that the Integrated Authentication System features are:

  • Color TFT screen for displaying instructions, messages and voter information, including his/her picture.
  • Integrated fingerprint reader for the capture of the voters’ biometric information.
  • Integrated contactless smart card reader, compatible with smart ID documents.
  • Support for placing the voter’s ID document, ensuring its proximity to the contactless smart card reader.
  • Numeric keypad with tactile and audio feedback.
  • LEDs lights for indicating power feed and process execution states.
  • Sound signal for indicating the start and finish of processes and its result.

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