Series: SAI II. Why Is SAI Being Implemented in Venezuela?

Throughout the last decade, nations such as Brazil, Philippines, India and Venezuela have proved once and again the great advantages that automated voting systems have brought to their societies: accuracy, reliability and inclusion, attributes that can translate together into the unanimous and faithful representation of people’s will.

In Venezuela’s case in particular, the implementation of electoral automation has complied with the 9 guarantees that every state-of-the-art voting system must offer: accuracy, transparency, accountability, speed, flexibility, resiliency, equality, anonymity and reach.

Smartmatic’s advanced voting system has been recognized as reliable and secure by important international organisms, representatives of all political sectors in the country, and NGOs. Even more important is the fact that a recent poll by Datanalisis revealed that 9 out of 10 Venezuelan voters find it “easy” or “very easy” to vote using voting machines.

Since 2004, Venezuela’s automated electoral system exhibit the four levels of electoral automation that guarantee the elimination of many vulnerabilities that appear in a manual electoral event.Thanks to the implementation of Election Administration, Automated Tally, Electronic Counting of Electoral Ballots, and Electronic Voting, there are no risks of manipulation in the processes of vote counting and tallying, ballot destruction, ballot stuffing, illegal voting, or deceiving the voter.

The inclusion of the Integrated Authentication System (SAI) for the next presidential elections in Venezuela will push the electoral platform towards the last frontier in automation, as the one voter = one vote principle will be completely shielded thanks to the biometric recognition of the voter’s identity.

SAI represents automation’s last frontier. Source:

By protecting the process of identification of the voter through his or her fingerprint, the SAI will eliminate any possibility of double voting or that third parties might vote by stealing the identity of registered voters, including dead citizens who still appear on the electoral registry. The use of the highest standards in digital security and biometric authentication technology will certify the accuracy of the registry and the participant electors in the event, eliminating the following vulnerabilities: manipulation of poll books, identity theft, and double or multiple votes.

Thanks to the many benefits offered by SAI (elimination of double voting and identity theft, generation of statistics, activation of the voting experience, among many others), Venezuela will once again be the pioneer of electoral automation in Latin America and the world, encouraging the massive participation of citizens in the election of their leaders and the transparency of the institutions in charge of these processes.


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