Mexico, in the Eye of E-voting

Photo: El Informador

Next presidential elections to be held on July 1st in the Mexican territory start the countdown for an electoral summer that will define the political, social, economic and cultural course of the country. In this day, governmental entities announce the arrival of the electronic ballot to the Aztec county.

Campaigns and proposals by candidates, juvenile movements demanding the democratization of mass media and the proposal to implement, by the Federal Electoral Institute, a simulation of the electronic voting process, define the effervescent thematic within the media agenda for this electoral event.

In Mexico the transition from analogue elections to a voting system based on technology begins with a stake by the IFE. The entity is responsible, at a federal level, for organizing and legally holding elections in the country, through the announcement to the public opinion of a pilot test of the electronic vote on July 1st.

By installing four electronic ballot boxes in each one of the 300 electoral districts, an IFE survey will be carried out based on the assessment and reputation by the citizens about the Institute, the follow-up of 2012 elections, and the opinion and qualification of digitalization of elections.

This is the first time Mexico has a registry of a technological solution implementation in elections. Although the IFE and the electoral state organizations moved towards some companies to provide them with the software to be used in the election, electronic ballots have been designed by the Center of Investigation and Advance Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, one of the most important and renowned public academic institutions in Mexico.

Mass media and experts affirm that it is time Mexico steps into the digitalization of election processes. Benefits of electronic voting are based on the infrastructure and implementation mechanisms proven for its application. Nonetheless, this subject is to become established in the corresponding political entities and be assessed according to the IFE analysis after this historical July 1st.


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