Ecuadorians Approved Electronic Vote

Ecuador gave its first step to electronic vote. The experience has been so far satisfactory, which is a good sign to step into technology for a Latin American country. The National Electoral Council (CNE, in Spanish) of Ecuador used for the first time ever electronic vote for the elections of five seats of the Rural Parish Council, in the parish of La Esmeralda in Cantón Montalvo (Los Ríos).

With this pilot plan Ecuadorians could verify the easy and correct functioning of the new system. According to the first polls, voters saw technology as a simple and easy system, and polling station officials commended the good results of the trial. Apart from showing a high level of participation (92,23%), the election closure and data transmission were carried out in about ten minutes and the posterior audit proved 100% of accuracy, which guaranteed reliable and transparent elections.

Voting machines with touchscreen were used. Source:

This new system consists of an electronic slip and a touch screen voting machine. Once selected the preferred candidates on the electronic ballot, the voter validate them on the machine’s screen and push “vote” to record his vote. Then the machine prints the vote slip and voter puts it into the ballot box.

Smartmatic was the provider company for this pilot; with a broad experience in automated elections. In the last ten years this multinational company has deployed electronic voting technology in multiple electoral processes in Philippines, United States, and the Caribbean; it has registered with accuracy over 1,500 million votes and its technology has been recognized by prestigious international observers.


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