Philippines strengthens the use of e-voting

Filipinos have automated scrutiny and transmission of results. Photo:

Three years after having proved that automating elections brought trust on the voting system and also that the country found the means to advance its political pacification, the Philippines will have a new electoral event next May 13. The legislative and local elections—also known as midterm elections—will be the second test for the e-voting platform , which the country adopted in 2010.

Amid the normal dynamics of election arrangements and the hubbub caused by the campaign, Filipinos will not back down from their intention to maintain the e-voting system that gave them a successful election in 2010. Just like that year, the archipelago consisting of 7,017 islands will have a mixed electronic suffrage—manual selection with automated scrutiny and transmission—which will be used by 52 million voters. This time around, it will be the Electoral Commission (COMELEC) integrating the entire voting platform, whereas in 2010, Smartmatic provided the necessary technology, services and overall integration of the electoral system.

COMELEC announced the deployment of the National Support Center, a telephone access platform with capacity for 1000 people, which will give all logistic, technical and support instances of the poll a mechanism to request support and solve any inconvenient that may arise.

The positive expectation to repeat the optimal performance of 2010 is based on the transparency achieved with the delivery of clean results in just a few hours. In this new election, Filipinos will choose more than 18,000 officers, among them half of the Senate (12 posts), all the members of the lower chamber of the Parliament, and local and regional authorities.

To signal that the country has nothing to hide and much to show the world, the authorities will begin to accept the participation of international observers. 25 representatives from countries such as the US, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Burma, Australia, and Uganda will attend the electoral event.

The cards have been dealt in the Philippines. The country bets again for modernity so that the country can have violence-free elections where the trust of the citizens is the pillar to strengthen automation.


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