I’m Andreína Vargas, a Venezuelan journalist devoted to the coverage of numerous electoral processes in the country since 1998. My experience has allowed me to become an eyewitness to the transition from manual to electronic voting. Through this space, I seek to spark the debate on the use of technology in electoral processes. The core topic: modernization of the key element of democracy, the vote. Will modern suffrage take over manual voting? This is what I intend to find out.


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  1. Hi Yngrid and Andreina!

    I am working on Michael’s questions about Internet voting. But I have a question for you, too.

    You say “Does the modern suffrage vote may be imposed upon the manual? We want to find out.” I think that is an important question. Would you please explain to me a little more what you mean by that question?

    Bill Kelleher

    • Hi Bill, with this blog we are analyzing relevant aspects of e-voting technology and its implication in society and electoral processes. And of course, how manual voting systems are slowing down or “affecting” electoral processes, that could be overcome with the use of smart and reliable technologies that modern democracies should embrace.
      Thanks for reading us!

  2. Hi guys!
    Like Bill Kelleher, who is an invaluable asset in any discussion involving EVoting, I am an advocate for online voting in the United States. Many countries in the world are dong a better job at moving their voting systems into the 21st Century than the US, unfortunately.
    I want to thank you for your part in helping to make real positive change for Democracy worldwide.

    Keep up the good work!

    Rob Weber

    PS – Dr. Kelleher’s book “Internet Voting Now” is a fantastic resource on EVoting. It can be found on Amazon in either paper or Kindle formats.

  3. Hello. If you’re interested in meeting the democracy activists who are working NON STOP to PREVENT online voting and REVERSE computerized vote counting, please join Election Integrity on Facebook.

    If you’re interested in seeing some of the evidence of 40 years of centralized computerized election fraud, please go here: http://www.votescam.org/the_evidence

    Ballot counting must be done in public so that every voter can WITNESS THE COUNT. Anything else is a “black box” operation that should be ILLEGAL.

    Please educate yourselves.


  4. The conversation around internet/online voting trends mainly around why it’s not happening. I’m entertaining a different conversation, “Why shouldn’t it happen?”

    Over 40 million US voters indicated that they didn’t vote in the ’08 elections because they couldn’t get to the polls due to a disability, were deployed military, citizen traveling abroad, had transportation issues, or were at work – unable to get/or afford time off. There is also a portion of those that indicated that they couldn’t afford the stamp to mail an absentee ballot.

    Online/internet voting is a social equality tool just waiting to be utilized. We just need to build a community that stands behind it, but build it positively.

    The reasons why we don’t have it, the conspiracies, and the overall theme of oppression, makes the population feel oppressed. A majority of the population view conspiracies, and oppression as radical movements and would akin themselves as activists if they aligned with such thought.

    Conversely, with possibility & opportunity, people are polarized with hope.

    Lets start the conversation again, and give ourselves hope. The future hasn’t been written yet, if we fill it with blame we will have people to blame, but if will fill it with opportunity & possibility we have the potential to have anything we want, and make anything possible.

    Follow us, tell a friend to tell 5 others. We will build this community together, and bring internet voting to our voters, & our country.

    Regards – iVote

  5. Andreína,

    Thank you for your efforts promoting online voting. I work for a revolutionary online voting company and would love to coordinate on some kind of collaborative effort.

    There are still people who are skeptical of online voting. Together we can change that.

    Excellent blog, and keep up the great work.

    Please check us out at https://followmyvote.com/

    Will Long
    Marketing Manager
    Follow My Vote

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