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One thought on “Spanish

  1. The election rules change this type in feature elecation
    First connects the finger print machine with electronic voting machine our
    finger (thumb) print should have on our election voting card while voting. the election voting card should put in finger print machine and select the symbol of one party now we should put our finger(thumb)print on finger print machine . When the finger print of our thumb and finger print on election voting card are matched then only our vote valid by using this method we can stop illegal voting. and this card filled the your date of birth, blood group,age,address,contact no,DL No or PAN card NO and same your photo this card used everywhere and this imp in banking system and hacking loans system, we used any exams and degree exams and car bike truck license it is a Indian id card like pass port it important to police department some one death person find her name and address like just him/her finger touch the finger print machine then Internet tell her/name and address just five second wow like complete ID’s box you want this project call me my mobile no 8722680420

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