The e-voting companies in the United States

There are several companies in the United States that provide the service at different stages of the electoral process (voter identification, acquisition of voting, counting, aggregation and transmission), but few of them have spread their technology throughout the country.

Some of these companies are Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Dominion Voting (previously Sequoia Voting Systems) and Premier Election Solutions (Diebold), which are the software and hardware providers in the state of Alabama.

The Automark Machine

ES&S provided two machines: AutoMARK and the model 100. The first can be used directly by checking the options on the touch screen and prints the vote receipt. It can also be used as a scanner for processing paperballots and has mechanisms that help the disabled exercise their right to vote. The second machine is an optical scanner that is used with ballot and tabulation machines.

Dominion also offers two machines in Alabama. The AVC Edge II Plus, a touch screen machine with multiple options as adjustable legs for wheelchairs or zoom for people with visual impairments, but does not enable the printing of a proof of voting. The Optech Insight is a scanner that reads the ballot regardless of the position in which it is introduced, it rejects the record when the voter has marked more votes required in the process, allowing the process to be rectified.

AccuVote TSX

The company Premier has made two technology solutions for this state. AccuVote-TSX, is a touch screen machine that is activated when voters introduce a smart card (similar to a credit card equipped with a chip) and then vote. The selections are recorded in the internal electronic memory, but the paper record of the vote is not printed. The AccuVote-OS, meanwhile, is a scanner with the ability to transmit the count to an aggregation center.

As in Alabama, other 49 states use similar equipment with different reach, provided by various companies. The electoral technology market in this country  promises more developments to come and the adoption of proven systems in other countries, to strengthen the electronic voting system, the more efficient and transparent method that exists.